1. Full name of patient, date of birth
  2. Passport details, issue date, place, expiry
  3. Home address and phone number
  4. Attending physician name and contact number
  5. Receiving facility, physician name and contact number
  6. Any traveling companion, if so their full name, date of birth and passport details
  7. Current history and physical notes, test results, medications
  8. Luggage is limited to one small roll aboard

Once the transport is confirmed:

  1. We will provide a complete itinerary showing all transport details including all departure/arrival airports, ground ambulance services and receiving facility.
  2. In addition, we will provide an internet link to follow your medevac flight’s progress via the web.

On day of transport:

  1. Our critical care flight team will greet and assess the patient at the bedside, speak with the attending physician, nursing staff, family members and prepare the patient for transfer to the aircraft.
  2. We ask that the hospital prepare all chart copies, CD’s of any CT/MRI/Ultrasound/Catheterization studies and any specialty medications the patient may require while en route. The flight team will continuously monitor the patient en route, on arrival the flight team will accompany the patient to the receiving facility, speak with the receiving physician, nursing staff and provide them with a copy of the patient’s inflight medical record along with their medical records.
  3. Once the patient has been delivered, we are pleased to notify you via phone, email of the safe arrival.