skyalta, an industry leader for the past 25 years; we pride ourselves with the highest standards and professionalism in this unique business sector. We are the leading edge of aviation and medicine combined.


Safety:  Every effort is taken seriously to keep our clients and crews safe whether it is maintenance on the aircraft or treating a patient at 40,000 ft. Safety is our number one concern.


Excellence: Pursuit for excellence and professionalism will not be ignored. Our teams go above and beyond industry standards.


Risk Management:  This is what we do – manage your risk, by providing all the necessary information to make accurate and informed decisions.


Leadership and Growth:  As an industry leader, we will continue to shape and define the future of Air Ambulance Transport.


Research and Medicine: Affiliated with McGill University Health Care, our teams are compassionate and professional and highly skilled.  We provide our clients with the industry’s best of the best.



Our Guiding Principles


Safety, Transparency, Efficiency, Commitment, Values, Leadership