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All aircraft are currently equipped with Physio Control Lifepak 15 cardiac monitor, this monitor is equipped with defibrillation capabilities, 12 Lead ECG, external pacing , monitors SpO2, Carbon Monoxide and Methemoglobin, includes a metronome to guide CPR compressions and ventilations.
Along with the medical equipment to aid in cardiac resuscitation, our medical teams are equipped with the skills to intervene in the event of an on board medical emergency. ACLS, PALS, NRP are the designated courses for our specialized medical teams on board the aircraft. In addition, emergency ALS medications are also on board and accompany the medical team and patient throughout the transfer.
Point of Care laboratory testing is available on board. Istat an advanced, handheld blood analyzer that provides real-time, lab-quality results within minutes to accelerate the patient care decision-making process. Laboratory testing includes: Chem 8 Aterial Blood Gases Cardiac Markers.
As we are unable to carry the complete hospital pharmacy on board with us, we have determined a standard list of medications suitable for many patients and they diagnosis, both in intravenous form and a limited number in pill form. Should a patient need a specialized medication that is not carried we will do our very best to obtain the medication prior to the transport. We carry the following: Intravenous fluids, ACLS drugs, Cardiac medications, Respiratory inhaled medications, Gastro- intestinal medications, Antibiotics, Sedation Narcotics.
Once we have completed our preflight medical assessment and determine the nutritional needs of the patient we will arrange catering. There are some conditions where we deem it would be unsafe to feed the patient during the flight due to a risk of aspiration we will have the discussion with the patient if possible, family and transferring hospital team. Alternate hydration interventions will be made.
All flights are equipped with medical oxygen which we obtain from our supplier Vital Aire. Safe transport of all patients is our number 1 priority; this includes the calculation of oxygen for the flight and including reserve oxygen. We have recently upgraded to state of the art ICU medical air transport ventilators -Hamilton T1. We are the first North American air ambulance provider to carry this product. They provide the following options • a choice of ventilation modes for invasive and optionally non-invasive ventilation
• an extensive monitoring package
• the ability to ventilate both pediatric and adult patients
• automatic compensation of changes in barometric pressures
Low level flights: At times we transport patients who because of their disease/condition may need to be transported at a low level. A preflight assessment will be done to determine if low level is necessary. If so, additional tech stops may need to be added to the transport.