Basic mandatory requirement for a new hire at Skyservice Air Ambulance:

-Airline Pilot Licence (ATPL) by Transport Canada
-At least five years of experience as a professional pilot (2500 hours approximately)
-At least one year of experience as a captain on turboprop multi-engine aircraft
-High density and remote airport experience is mandatory
-Air ambulance experience (not mandatory)
-Hability to work as a team member under pressure on multiple time shift

When hired, each pilot begins with basic company training:

-Security clearance (5 years back ground check)
-Company manual & company procedure indoctrination
-First aid & CPR training
-Firefighting & Aircraft ditching training

After basic training is complete, each pilot will attend an intense three week ground school and simulator training at the Bombardier Training Center located in Dallas, TX.

Ground school includes the mandatory following subjects:

-International Procedure Course (25 hours)
-Aircraft systems (48 hours)
-Flight Management System
-Aircraft Emergency Procedures

Flight simulator training covers the following exercises:

-Takeoff and landing under normal conditions
-Takeoff , departure, enroute, approach and landing performed under Instruments Flight Rules (IFR)
-Emergency procedures (engine failure, engine fire, decompression, smoke in cabin, obstacle awareness, …)
-Unusual attitude and balked landing training
-Crew resource management (CRM)

At the end of training, each pilot is being check and certified by a company approved check pilot (ACP) under Transport Canada authority.

After being certified on the aircraft, each pilot under go a 50 hours mandatory line indoctrination with a company approved training captain.

To be considered as a captain, each pilot must demonstrate strong professionnalism, leadership, aircraft & operation knowledge with at least one year of experience on the line.

When the pilot is ready for upgrade, he/she will be sent back to Bombardier Traning Center for captain upgrade training attending ground school and flight simulator before being checked again and certified by company approved check pilot under Transport Canada authority.